Bunting Road Landfill Cell 6

Bunting Road Landfill Cell 6

Client: Sunshine Groupe

Industry: Waste Management

Services: GITA and TPCC

September 1, 2016

Bunting Road Landfill Cell 6

From June 2015 to February 2016

The Bunting Road landfill is located at Lot 1 Bunting Road Brooklyn, within a region zoned for commercial/Industrial land use. The landfill is owned and oparated by Western Land Reclamation which is subsidiary of The Sunshine Groupe Pty Ltd. Cell 6 was to be the next solid inert landfill cell constructed within the Bunting Road landfill licence area.  The new cell was comprising of 1.0m thick compacted clay liner constructed on prepared firm sub grade and construction of leachate collection system.

Terra Firma Laboratories was engaged by Sunshine Groupe Pty Ltd to act as Geotechnical  Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA) and perform Level One supervision and testing works for the  clay liner and sub grade construction of Cell 6 in accordance with AS3798-2007 Guidelines for Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Development and the project technical specifications.