Grantville Landfill Cell 1- 5 Capping

Grantville Landfill Cell 1- 5 Cap

Client: Bass Coast Shire Council

Industry: Waste Management

Services: GITA and TPCQA

September 2, 2016

Grantville Landfill Cell 1- 5 Capping

From March 2015 to August 2015.

Grantville landfill is located at 1685 Bass Hwy, Grantville and cap geocomposite layer was comprising of geosynthetic clay liner,1mm LLDPE liner, Geotextile cushion, Drainage net 1000mm thick soil sub-base layer and 100mm thick top soil layer .

Terra Firma Laboratories was engaged by Bass Coast Shire Council  to act as Third Party Construction Quality Assurance (TPCQA) and Geotechnical  Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA) to perform Level One supervision and testing works for the earth works and geocomposite liner of landfill rehabilitation cap construction accordance with AS3798-2007 Guidelines for Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Development and the project technical specifications.