Hyland Highway Landfill Cap Stage 1

Hyland Highway Cap Stage 1

Client: Latrobe City Council

Industry: Waste Management

Services: GITA and TPCC

July 13, 2016

Hyland Highway Landfill Cap Stage 1

From November 2014 to May 2015

Hyland highway landfill is approximately 14 ha and is located north of Callingnee South Road, approximately 9 km south of Traralgon. Stage 1 of the cap constructed to cover cell 1 and 2 as a part of the progressive rehabilitation approach adopted by council. Cap stage 1 consists,

  • Waste Reprofilling
  • Installation of GCL
  • Installation of LLDPE liner
  • Installation of Cushion goetextile
  • Construction of 300 mm thick drainage layer
  • Construction of 700 mm thick subsoil layer
  • Construction of 200 mm thick topsoil layer
  • Installation of storm water management system

Terra Firma Laboratories was engaged by Latrobe City Council to perform GITA and TPCC services for constructions of cap stage 1 including level one supervision as specified in AS 3798-2007.