Hyland Highway Landfill

Hyland Highway Landfill Cell 4


Industry: Waste Management

Services: GITA and TPCQA

July 13, 2016

Hyland Highway Landfill

From 2007 to 2021

Hyland Highway landfill is approximately 14 ha and is located north of Callingnee South Road, approximately 9 km south of Traralgon. Terra Firma Laboratories has been involved with construction of landfill cells and capping sections for this site since 2007.  A typicall cell construciton is a geocomposite hydraulic barrier with a footprint of approximately 1 ha and consisting 1 m of compacted clay liner, two layers of GCL, 1.5 mm thick HDPE liner, Cushion geotextile, Drainage Aggregate and Separation geotextile.

Terra Firma Laboratories has been engaged to perform GITA and TPCQA services for cell and cap constructions including level one supervision as specified in AS 3798-2007.