Your Worksite is Our Laboratory.

Terra Firma Labs has one of Australia’s most trusted material testing and geotechnical laboratories, building strong relationships with multinationals, joint ventures and governments.

Materials Testing

We deliver a full range of soil, aggregate and concrete testing across major construction and infrastructure projects.

Mobile Laboratories

Terra Firma Labs is redefining geotechnical laboratory integrity with its fleet of ready-to-deploy annex laboratories.


We provide one of Australia’s most advanced geosynthetics testing services for clay liners, goetextiles and geomembranes.

Landfill Consultants

We have extensive experience facilitating the construction of new cells for EPA Licensed Landfills across Victoria.

Put Your Project on Solid Ground

GITA and CQA Services

Geotechnical Inspection

and Verification

Third Party Construction Quality


Our Footprint

Terra Firma Laboratories is proud to have conducted material testing and consultation on hundreds of construction and landfill sites across the country.