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Terra Firma Labs has one of Australia’s most trusted NATA accredited material testing and geotechnical laboratories, building strong relationships with multinationals, joint ventures and governments.
Geosynthetics - Terra Firma Laboratories

Geosynthetics Testing

We provide one of Australia’s most advanced geosynthetics testing services for clay liners, goetextiles and geomembranes.

Flux/Perm Testing | Wide Width Testing | Thickness Testing

Mobile Laboratories - Terra Firma Laboratories

Soil Testing

Delivering a full range of soil testing and analysis of aggregates and concretes across major construction and infrastructure projects to ensure you have the right foundations to start your project.

Level 1 Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority | Major Roads Projects | Rail Infrastructure Projects

Materials Testing - Terra Firma Laboratories

Concrete Testing

Our team are engaged in onsite testing of fresh concrete to AS Methods 1012. Sampling, slumping, and casting fresh concrete onsite to deliver instant turnaround for your specific requirements.

Concrete Suppliers | Pre-Cast Yards | Construction Sites | Developers

Landfill Consultants - Terra Firma Laboratories

Quality Assurance Testing

We provide Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) & Geotechnical Inspection & Testing Authority (GITA) in Landfill Cells, Landfill Caps, Leachate Ponds & Other Containment Facilities.

Liner Integrity Inspection | Leak Detection Surveys | Geotechnical Inspection and Verification | Third Party Construction Quality

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Terra Firma Laboratories provides fully independent NATA-accredited materials testing across a comprehensive range of laboratory services for civil engineering and construction projects.

In just over a decade, Terra Firma Labs has secured itself as one of Australia’s most trusted materials testing and geotechnical laboratory service, establishing ongoing relationships with multinationals, joint ventures and government departments.

With comprehensive field and laboratory experience in geosynthetics, soil and rock materials, and concrete, our team of in-house experts has helped establish world’s best practice laboratory testing across Australia’s construction and mining sectors at every scale.

Meanwhile our landfill consultancy service has delivered quality assurance, geotechnical inspection and testing expertise to a vast portfolio of local government and EPA-audited projects.

With permanent laboratory sites across Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia and mobile laboratories ready to deploy across Oceanic testing sites, Terra Firma Laboratories operates under the firm belief local knowledge is everything, in geology, protocol and process.

Base & Site Labs

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Base & Site Labs
India China Perth PNG Malaysia Adelaide Deer Park Pakenham




Mitchell McDonald
(08) 9395 7220
19 Weatherburn Way, Kardinya, W.A. 6163




Stephen Pender
(08) 8374 0236
3/3 Selgar Ave., Tonsley SA 5042

Deer Park

Eranda Hippola
(03) 8348 5596
17 Walhalla Way, Ravenhall VIC 3023


Tom Seymour (Managing Director)
Chris Caulfield
(03) 9769 5799
webenquiry @ terrafirmalabs.com.au
47 National Ave, Pakenham VIC 3810

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Terra Firma Laboratories is proud to have conducted material testing and consultation on hundreds of construction and landfill sites across the world.

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NATA - Accredited for Technical Competence

NATA Accredited

Terra Firma Laboratories has a broad scope of testing under our NATA accreditation, ensuring compliance to the highest standards of testing integrity