Landfill Quality Assurance

At Terra Firma we provide Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) & Geotechnical Inspection & Testing Authority (GITA) in Landfill Cells, Landfill Caps, Leachate Ponds & Other Containment Facilities.
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Terra Firma’s expert landfill consultants deliver detailed inspections, verifications & quality assurance while considering the environment footprint. Our consultants have extensive experience securing landfill quality assurance in new cells for EPA licensed landfills across Australia.

We place experienced CQA Engineers onto construction sites so that the validation work is carried out accurately and effectively. We have significant experience of all types of lining systems and the CQA procedures to verify them.

The duties of the third-party CQA consultant(s) will include:

  • Inspections
  • Verification
  • Audits and Evaluation of the materials and workmanship
  • Provision of advice on the interpretation of the drawings and specification, including installation, testing, repair and covering of the critical aspects of construction (not design or contractual advice); and issuing a final CQA Validation Report documenting the quality of the constructed facility.

Associated works are done in accordance with the Australian standards

GITA and CQA Services - Terra Firma Laboratories

Liner Integrity Inspection

Leak Detection Surveys

Geotechnical Inspection and Verification - Terra Firma Laboratories

Geotechnical Inspection and Verification

Third Party Construction Quality Assurance - Terra Firma Laboratories

Third Party Construction Quality Assurance

Our Process

The process for a client engaging with a Landfill Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) company typically involves several stages. The goal of the CQA process is to ensure that landfill construction activities comply with regulatory requirements, environmental standards, and engineering specifications.

Throughout this process, effective communication between the client and the CQA company is crucial to address any concerns, changes in scope, or unforeseen challenges that may arise during landfill construction

Backed by the Highest Levels of Scrutiny

  • Level 1 Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA)
  • Geosynthetics Certification Institute Inspectors Certification Program (GCI-ICP)
  • Construction Quality Assurance Inspector (in accordance with the Victoria EPA Publication 788.1 (2010) Siting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills)

Electrical Leak Survey

The geomembrane you use in your project undergoes extensive quality assurance during the manufacturing stage to verify the physical and chemical properties against the project specifications and internationally accepted best practice guidelines. However, there are number of factors that can damage the geomembrane and cause it to leak. Therefore, the leak detection of your installed geomembrane prior to use is extremely important and mandatory within most jurisdictions around the world.

A leak can be an invisible 0.5mm pinhole or a 2-meter tear under the cover material placed on top of the geomembrane. Our team uses internationally recognized electrical leak detection methods to find the defects on your geomembrane to give you the confidence of a leak proof liner system and to help you obtain the licences and approvals.

Why is this required?

The ultimate purpose of a containment liner or a waterproof cover is to make sure you have 0% leaks in your system. Electrical Leak Detection survey is the best way you can check and assure this is achieved.

You may have a leak in your dam or landfill you need to find where it is to repair. A leaking liner can cause a whole lot of structural and environmental issues for your operations

We have facilitated the following projects:

Hyland Highway Landfill
  • Cell 1+2
  • Cell 3A+ 3B
  • Cell 4
  • Cap 1+2
  • Leachate Pond 1+2
Grantville Landfill
  • Cell 5
  • Cap cells 1-4
  • Leachate pond 2
Melbourne Regional Landfill
  • Cell 2k
  • Cell 2L
  • Cell 2M
Dooen Landfill
  • Cap
Trafalgar Landfill
  • Cap
Koonwarra Landfill
  • Cell 6
Hi Quality Landfill Bulla
  • Cell 2 extension
  • Cell 3
Bairnsdale Regional Landfill
  • Cell 3

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NATA - Accredited for Technical Competence

NATA Accredited

Terra Firma Laboratories has a broad scope of testing under our NATA accreditation, ensuring compliance to the highest standards of testing integrity