Concrete Testing

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of structures as it is a durable material with high compressive strength. To ensure it is compatible for construction projects Terra Firma will test the concrete to ensure it meets the requirements of the Australian Standards.

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Our team are engaged in onsite testing of fresh concrete to AS Methods 1012. Sampling, slumping, and casting fresh concrete onsite to deliver instant turnaround for your specific requirements.

At our base lab, the concrete is cured, compression strength tested and reported for a fast turnaround in this time important industry. We specialise in unique testing including shrinkage, MPUV, concrete bleed, concrete set times and air content to ensure the quality of the concrete is compatible with the project.

Who is this suited for?

  • Concrete Suppliers
  • Pre-Cast Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • Developers
  • Mine Sites

Our Process

Concrete testing is important because it ensures that the elements tested are meeting the requirements of your project. It massively reduces the risk of having poor quality elements and improves the operation of construction.


The client requests testing, we send our employees out. Their understanding of the AS methods ensures the testing is the last of our clients worry.

Sample Testing

They request the number of samples they require; we sort the rest. After the curing period required, samples are tested for strength and results are sent directly to them daily

Driving Results

Ensuring they do not have to ‘chase us’ for results.

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Contact us to find out more about our testing services that can meet the requirements for any construction project across Australia and the globe.

NATA - Accredited for Technical Competence

NATA Accredited

Terra Firma Laboratories has a broad scope of testing under our NATA accreditation, ensuring compliance to the highest standards of testing integrity