Geosynthetics Testing

We provide one of Australia’s most advanced geosynthetics testing services, delivering world’s best practice analysis for design engineers, manufacturers and installers.

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Geosynthetic testing is a specialised service that involves the evaluation of geosynthetic materials commonly used in civil engineering and environmental projects.

At Terra Firma we have a committed team of experienced specialists, that use cutting-edge technology with a dedication to customised geosynthetics testing protocols. We prioritise accuracy, efficiency, and innovation in every aspect of our services.

Core Features of the Service:

  • Material Characterisation: Testing of geosynthetic materials for properties such as tensile strength, puncture resistance and durability to ensure they meet industry standards.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring that geosynthetic products are of high quality and suitable for specific applications and projects.
  • Compatibility Testing: Verifying the compatibility of geosynthetic materials with the components used in construction and environmental projects.
  • Custom Testing: Tailoring testing protocols to meet the unique requirements of different projects.

The NATA accredited tests and material inspections we offer

Our full-service facilities are at the cutting edge of geosynthetics testing, providing over a hundred different NATA accredited tests and material inspections.

Flux Testing - Geosynthetic Testing

Flux/Perm Testing


Pressure vessels test for the permeability, flux and fluid loss in geosynthetic clay liners.
CBR Strength Burst Testing

CBR Strength Burst Testing


CBR strength burst testing determines geotextile strength.

Thickness Testing - Geosynthetic Testing

Thickness Testing


Thickness tests for geomembranes, geonsynthetics and clay liners are performed to Australian and ASTM International standards.

Our Process


The client discusses their project’s needs with our experts.

Customized Testing Plan

We create a unique testing plan based on the project’s requirements.

Testing Execution

Our team performs the tests according to the agreed plan.

Analysis & Reporting

We provide detailed reports on the test results, including recommendations if necessary

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NATA - Accredited for Technical Competence

NATA Accredited

Terra Firma Laboratories has a broad scope of testing under our NATA accreditation, ensuring compliance to the highest standards of testing integrity