Landfill Quality Assurance

Our expert landfill consultants deliver detailed inspections, verifications & quality assurance.

Terra Firma’s consultants have extensive experience securing landfill quality assurance in new cells for EPA Licensed Landfills across Victoria and Australia.

Liner Integrity Inspection

Leak Detection Surveys

Geotechnical Inspection

and Verification

Third Party Construction Quality


Backed by the highest levels of scrutiny:

– Level 1 Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA)

– Geosynthetics Certification Institute Inspectors Certification Program (GCI-ICP)

– Construction Quality Assurance Inspector (in accordance with the Victoria EPA Publication 788.1 (2010) Siting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills)

We have facilitated the following projects:

Hyland Highway landfill
Cell 1+2
Cell 3A+ 3B
Cell 4
Cap 1+2
Leachate Pond 1+2

Grantville Landfill
Cell 5
Cap cells 1-4
Leachate pond 2

Melbourne Regional Landfill
Cell 2k
Cell 2L
Cell 2M

Dooen Landfill

Trafalgar Landfill

Koonwarra Landfill
Cell 6

Hi Quality Landfill Bulla
Cell 2 extension
Cell 3

Bairnsdale Regional Landfill
Cell 3