Mobile Labs

As an Australian pioneer of on-site materials testing labs, Terra Firma Labs has a fleet of ready-to-deploy annex laboratories to meet your project needs

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Personnel available on-site every day of construction.

Fast turnaround on test results.

Streamline communication with project personnel.

For Projects across Australia.

By sampling and testing materials in our fully equipped mobile geotechnical laboratory, our team is able to fully incorporate the all-vital environmental variables of your project into your results.

It’s all part of Terra Firma Labs’ driving principle that local knowledge is everything – in geology, protocol and process.

All too often offsite testing facilities foster disconnect between samples and their real world uses, where localised stress factors are often overlooked, compromising test results and jeopardising youtr project’s integrity.

Manned by a team with extensive field experience, Terra Firma Labs mobile geotechnical laboratory controls the entire testing cycle from start to finish, on site, eliminating any risk of samples being compromised in transit.